About Veronica Ciccosanti Pistilli, founder of WTM East Stroudsburg

Veronica Ciccosanti Pistilli holds a Degree in Respiratory Therapy from New York University, an Associates Degree from the College of Staten Island, and a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management from St Francis College in Brooklyn. It was while working in a community hospital to support the cost of her education that Veronica was inspired to specialize as a respiratory therapist, a career that was to last some 40 years — firstly as a Medical Assistant at Staten Island Pulmonary Association, then Supervisor of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at the Richmond Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, after which she moved into community speaking with the American Cancer Society and the Pocono Medical Center.

Veronica was born in Brooklyn, New York, the seventh of ten children. The family later moved to Staten Island where, as a child, Veronica enjoyed many years exploring nearby woodlands — an experience that Veronica believes motivated her and her husband’s eventual migration to Pennsylvania, where they often hike the Pocono Mountains.

Ronnie's art

Between her medical career and her establishment of the WTM East Stroudsburg Center, Veronica has certainly lived up to the life goal she set for herself in her high school year book — “To save the world”!

“Only when I came across the work of the WTM did I realise my dream to save the world could finally become a reality!”

Ronnie's high school year book photo and goal 'To save the world'