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We now have a plan for our human species’ rehabilitation, a world transformation — and the new sensation of freedom is just so exhilarating! Why would anyone not want to be a part of this healing and transforming biological discovery?

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“Jeremy Griffith has clearly explained scientifically what is happening in our minds. He’s explained the psychological problem of our conflicted capacity for good and evil, and revealed that we are good and not bad! We really are the heroes of the history of humanity!”

Juan Ubiera, WTM New York

“The key to the whole mystery of human existence!”

Gerry St Onge, WTM Philadelphia

“When understanding of the human condition catches on, and it will catch on, it’s going to be like a firestorm. This will heal the world like nothing else will, transforming mankind and fulfilling the whole human journey!”

Bob Montefusco, WTM Plattsburgh

“Every question I ever had throughout my lifetime was answered by this wonderful man, author, hero, Jeremy Griffith!”

Pamela Fairbanks, WTM Richmond

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